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By using DentaSmile, you will efficiently and quickly get a beautiful and white smile. Even after you have made 2-3 whitening treatments you will see great results!


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You will receive the DentaSmile for the introductory price of 30 AUD You will also receive a monthly supply for the regular price of 45 AUD unless you unsubscribe the service. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The automated delivery service do not apply to our general sales and delivery conditions. The shipping costs is 6 AUD If you choose to pay by invoice, there will be added additional 6 AUD to your invoice.

Read about Katarina’s experience

”I recently got my braces off, and wanted a whiter smile. My parents ordered me a DentaSmile teeth-whitening pen, and now my teeth are as white as snow! Thank you so much for your wonderful product!”

Read about Hermann’s experience

“I smoked for quite a few years. After I quit, I wanted to whiten my teeth. My dentist quoted €350. DentaSmile worked great and I appreciate not having to spend a fortune”

How to use DentaSmile Teeth Whitening Pen

Brush your teeth

Twist the dial on the bottom of the pen to release the whitening gel into the brush tip. Keep twisting until the tip is saturated


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About DentaSmile

DentaSmile is designed to be easy to use and carry anywhere. The whitening gel is easily brushed directly onto the teeth with the unique DentaSmile brush pen. Your teeth will become white, quickly and simply. The teeth-whitening pen can be used wherever you are.